Healing the Body as a Whole

Ryan Brannan

The implications of yoga reach deep into who we are.  In one respect it is a science of uncovering our truest and closest aspects of self, and in another it is a highly disciplined art form; a kind of grooving as one with the cosmos.  Yoga itself is a way of tuning into these higher frequencies within us of love, empathy, creativity, peace, wisdom, reverie, and connection.  Through Hatha yoga we use the physical postures to tune, strengthen, and prune the body, mind, and spirit.  The body and the earth are the temple and part of yoga is taking care of the body as a whole organism.  After we condition the body through yoga, exercise, or daily stress we must then begin the restoration process.  My practice as a massage therapist is meant as an essential piece to a complete mind and body health practice.  Exercise without massage is like an engine without grease.   It’s about more than just feeling good, it’s an essential part to the health of your body.  What we feed, and how we treat the body is ground zero for how we feel and operate, and thus what we attract into our lives.  Massage helps ease our bodies back into their natural state so we may feel and function at our best, and get the most out of our yoga practice.     

(Ryan Brannan is a massage therapist at Youga Yoga donation based studios, author of “This Is Paper”, fire performer with Tribal Funk Pyro Circus, and artist.)