Acro Yoga as a Language

Tanya Arriaga

AcroYoga is an important part of my life for reasons that most people do not exactly relate to. Think about how you would communicate with each other while trying to perform and learn acrobatic moves. Communication and comprehension is vital when learning or performing any skill of difficulty. For this main reason is why I hold AcroYoga so dear to my heart. It can be done entirely without speaking or communicating verbally. It's like having your own language with another person that can be expressed and interpreted all through touch. It allows you to really immerse yourself in the moment and at the same time you learn a lot about yourself. It gives you the opportunity to trust and be submissive to your body and connect with someone else. Your bodies are working together in a harmonious way and you are able to work together into building a work of art.

I mean talk about true, deep, understanding. All of this I can relate to first hand being that I'm partially blind and almost completely deaf. All my life I have had to get around primarily by using cues and body language. Unlike most who can easily listen and speak to communicate.

I like to be optimistic and see these disabilities I have as a benefit.  My vision allows me to have only 10 degrees worth of a field of view whereas most people have 180 degrees worth. Because of this, I am able to really focus and feel my base’s body movement and understand/interpret what moves he/she are asking of my body to be performed next. Going through these experiences myself helps me to learn how to teach Yoga and AcroYoga to others with the same disabilities. 

I would like to share this experience with others, because no matter where you are in life, or what disabilities you may have, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.