GILI 2018

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Join Youga Yoga for their 3rd Annual GILI Retreat!!!

Over the course of this retreat, we will dive deep into the self to expand personally and professionally. Ahead of you is a rich curriculum and dynamic, transformational experience. 

The purpose of the GILI Conference is to support Social Entrepreneurs on the front lines of positive social impact. Why GILI? Because Global Innovation requires Local Implementation. GILI is designed to provide you with support and personal and professional development needed to find success in a sometimes discouraging world.

This is an intensive yoga training in social entrepreneurialism and partner dynamics in a retreat-like setting. While we want you to enjoy yourself, we also want to support you in full commitment to this immersive experience. The partner dynamics will neurologically develop greater insight into the subtleties of our community, relationships, and what it takes to build great insight as transformational leaders.

The retreat is designed much like a cauldron so we can all step into a cooking, transformational process. This may not always be comfortable as we challenge our own ego container but from this, we will find greater freedom to live the life we love and carry out our life’s work.

This is also somewhat of a social experiment as it takes a high degree of emotional maturity for social innovators (energy workers) to thrive and sustain lasting impact for the betterment of society. Please take care of yourself over the next 10 days and be especially considerate of each other and the teachers. The best teachers are the best students, rather than the mind of the knower step into the mind of the learner over the course of several days.

We all want to impact the world for the better, let’s build that plan together.

Cost includes lodging at our own personal retreat complete with tree houses and teepees as well as our very own pond and creek for recreational activities such as SUP and paddleboarding.

Dinner will be provided. 

Everyone who attends will receive certifications for continuing education accreditation through the Yoga Alliance. You will also walk away with the tools to build your own personal portfolio. 

All lodging is in shared cabins.

Two people to a bed: $1150/person

One person to a bed: $1600

Space is limited, we do sell out every year.

Everyone is required to sign a contract upon submission of first payment for all terms and conditions that apply.