Youga Yoga Instructors

Lindy Burns, B.A., M.A., E-RYT500, IAYTi

Lindy Burns is an MA level psychologist, professor, artist, and community developer.  She develops classes, trainings, festivals, community events & programming that engage people around the science and art of holistic psychology.  She strongly believes in the practicality of science in the field of yoga and has built community programming and trained community providers in developing effective and efficient careers with purpose. She is passionate about community providers making a living with purpose and supporting the rise of conscious companies.  

While nurturing students’ unique limitations and possible injuries, Lindy integrates a practice that best supports their current strengths and abilities in a variety of group, individual, community, and mental health settings.  Lindy takes a practical approach to teaching the science, practice, and art of yoga to better navigate through life.

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My name is Amber Wright and I am currently in the process of earning my RYT200 certification at the Youga School of Yoga and Clinic! I first discovered yoga in my first year of college where, with the support and guidance of an amazing teacher, I unlocked my true passion for the science and practice of yoga. For every physical manifestation of strength and flexibility I’ve discovered through my practice, there are infinite ways I’ve been able to cultivate the same qualities in my everyday life. Because of the growth which I’ve seen fostered by yoga, both in myself and others, I feel called to share my experience through teaching. Each student brings with them a unique set of gifts and challenges, and my hope is to learn by bearing witness to these gifts as I continue to share my own.



My name is Sara Gonzalez. I am a native Corpus Christian and the mother of four amazing children. I started practicing yoga in 2009, after I had my youngest. After his birth in 2008 my back was left in constant pain that would range from a dull ache to excruciating and because of an aversion I have toward pain medication none of the pain medications prescribed to me worked so I often just had to grin and bare it. Someone recommended yoga and cited off some pretty impressive stats and references and I trusted this person’s knowledge and opinion so I figured why not. I found a beginners video by Yoga Works and instantly fell in love! That first downward-facing dog instantly stretched out my spine and stopped all the pain in my lower back. It felt miraculous! I WAS SOLD! Not to mention the way it left me feeling calm and centered especially after just having my fourth child. I 100% attribute my sanity to the practice of yoga. Soon after in 2011 I started going to studio classes, shortly after that I started teaching my close friends that wanted to try yoga, and then in 2013 I completed my first Teacher Training with a 200 Hour RYT Certification from The Yoga Studio of Corpus Christi RYS. I started teaching regular classes at the Yoga Studio of Corpus Christi, Youga Yoga Downtown, as well as several other gyms and fitness establishments in early 2014. Over the span of six years I’ve managed to rack up about 1,500+ hours of simply teaching, not including any of my own formal training. Currently my teaching practice has evolved in such a way that I am now teaching online as well as in-person.



Hola! My name is Rafaela Moreno and my yoga journey began in 2016 practicing videos I’d watch online, until the following year I decided to step into a local yoga studio in Corpus Christi. High stress due to my job at the time had brought me to the mat. After that first class, I fell in LOVE with yoga before I knew what yoga really was. Yoga has brought an abundance of joy and gratitude to my life. My love for yoga grew deeper when I meet Lindy Burns, B.A., M.A., E-RYT500, IAYTi. I am currently finishing my 200RYT certification at Youga School of Yoga and, to my knowledge, I am the only bilingual instructor in the Corpus Christi area. I hope to share with others the healing benefits of yoga, like what it did for me. I currently work at Amistad Community Health Center with the Pre-diabetes population as a Nutritionist/Wellness coach. The Wellness Tree has many branches and two big branches are movement + nutrition. In order to perform with our body we must feed it the right fuel. My goal is to help every individual that I meet heal with power of plant based foods and yoga!