5th Annual GILI: Global Innovation Through Local Implementation
A Yoga Training Retreat on the Frio River

August 12-16, 2020   •  Concan, TX

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Come deepen your practice and float on the Frio River with us.

GILI is an immersive 5-day training in a retreat like setting.  Secluded in the heart of the Texas Hill Country on the Frio River.  Together, we will explore the science of yoga in a systematic and practical way through many creative applications. You will journey through the 7 chakras diving deeper into the associated anatomy, physiology, poses, philosophy, social psychology, nutrition, aromatherapy, entrepreneurialism and more in a creative and engaging atmosphere. Enjoy a break from the demands of your professional and daily life while immersed in a community of liked-minded people from throughout the U.S.   Explore the science of yoga in an artistic way to better understand and develop your own practice while enjoying our seclusive retreat site for a deeply immersive experience.

This can be a stand alone 35 hour training retreat or you can apply the cost and hours towards achieving a 200 or 300 hour RYT Yoga Alliance Certification.


There will be plenty of personal journey moments where you spend time in nature, journaling, or connecting with the spirit of the river. Whether you are a novice or an experienced yogi our teachers will meet you where you are to support your personal practice and goals. Time can also be spent with the amazing community we’ve built with moments where we come together to enjoy the many amenities of our retreat site like floating on the Frio River, hiking, swimming, or visiting the Gardner State Park.  It’s like summer camp for adults! We invite you to shift the trajectory of your perception by fully engaging with your surroundings to welcome a presence of being. True living, the yogic goal of being, is becoming aware of each moment with all of our senses attuned to what is around us, even if our eyes are closed. Develop your inner Sensei with us!


Change begins from within the sacredness of our hearts.

What is your heart saying to you now?

Meet Lindy

The experience is led by Lindy Burns and teachers she brings together from across the US.  Lindy has been teaching yoga for nearly 20 years and creating immersive, educational experiences such as this during that time.  She has over 2000 hours in registered training programs, over 10,000 hours of teaching, and has been leading teacher trainings since 2014.  Her work has been instrumental in establishing yoga in many southern Texas communities.  As a professor of psychology and kinesiology at Texas A&M, Corpus Christi, Lindy uses her skills in psychology and movement to help us master becoming.  

Location: Concan, Texas

Come deepen your knowledge of yoga and float the Frio River.

The retreat site has beautiful and spacious lodging located on a large stretch of the Frio river in the Hill country providing us a private space for our community to dive in to a personal journey of self-development and enrichment. Past participants and educators have shared that the experience impacts their lives for the better. Enjoy all the amenities of bed, shower, kitchens, bathrooms, while in the heart of nature.


This is an intensive yoga training in social entrepreneurialism and partner dynamics in a retreat-like setting. While we want you to enjoy yourself, we also want to support you in full commitment to this immersive experience. The partner dynamics will neurologically develop greater insight into the subtleties of our community, relationships, and what it takes to build great insight as transformational leaders.

The retreat is designed much like a cauldron so we can all step into a transformational process. It’s not always comfortable to challenge our ego. It is however necessary to create freedom to live the life we love and carry out our life’s work. Instead of dreaming about a life we want to live, this is about living the life we dream of!

Intensive retreats are designed to be somewhat of a social experiment. It takes a high degree of emotional maturity for social innovators (energy workers) to thrive and sustain lasting impact for the betterment of society. Please take care of yourself over the course of 5 days and be especially considerate of each other and the teachers. The best teachers are the most dedicated students, rather than being in the mind of the knower step into the mind of the learner. Welcome that we are all teachers and students.


You will learn and experience yoga and Thai body work techniques designed to heal your body and others. You will received personal one-on-one guidance and feedback that you will be able to recreate time and again for continued healing and enhancement. Youga comes from the idea of yoga for you! Our gifts and our struggles are unique and knowing how to personalize our self care will allow us to thrive regardless of what life brings us. Furthermore developing a compassionate community that celbrates our success and stands by us during our struggles is imperative for living a life of joy and purpose.

Community Enrichment

Make life-long connections with like-minded people. Participants of this experience are highly regarded professionals in their own community and they utilize this personal experience to deepen their professional self. Self enrichment and social impact are bidirectional and your personal respite and personal development are imperative for professional success and fulfillment. Get ready for lasting personal and professional bonds to be forged.

Enrich your life by diving in with souls from a variety of professions. We share. We learn. We grow.

Professional Photography

We’ve hired professional photographers to join us each year and give you the rights to use the photographs for your professional and personal use. Check out some of our past photo moments!




“This retreat made me realize what I was meant to do. It solidified my direction. As much as you get out of it emotionally, physically and spiritually it was amazing.  There’s no judgement, no ego, no one is on the spot, but you never feel like you’re the only person going through it. It’s practical for everyone. If you think now is not a good time, it is.  Make it happen!”

Laura Criser  Co-founder Lorelei Brewing Company Corpus Christi TX


  • Cost includes lodging on the river at the retreat site.

  • Daily Community Dining. Lunch & Dinners are included

  • Includes daily workshops and yoga.

  • Everyone who fully attends will receive certifications for 35 hours of continuing education accreditation through the Yoga Alliance.

Early Bird Rates end on July 15 2019

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